Mountains to Sea Wellington

Zoe Studd


Zoe began here journey with MTSW over 12 years ago- helping to deliver one of the first Experiencing Marine Reserves programmes in Wellington when Taputeranga Marine Reserve was just being established.  With a background in environmental science, a couple of years dive-instructing in Kaikoura and Samoa, and a stint as a Primary School teacher – she’s been lucky enough to pull all those skills together into her dream job – and Trust.

In her spare time you’ll find Zoe off tramping in the mountains, dragging her long- suffering nieces and nephews off on adventures, looking after her bees or upsetting her neighbours with her wild lawns project (for the pollinators). People often hear Zoe’s laugh before they see her.

If Zoe had a motto it would be ‘everything is possible.” She’s an ideas lady who loves innovation and giving things a go. There’s so much about the work that MTSW does that keeps her inspired and one of the things she’s most proud of is the work the team do leading new programmes and projects in the region to empower communities to care for their local taonga.