Stormwater Pollution Monitoring:
Glenview School 2017

Students from Glenview School in Cannons Creek took part in the Healthy Harbours Porirua programme in term 1 2017. Their focus was on stormwater pollution and investigating the impacts this may be having on the health of the harbour. After learning about the history of Porirua Habrour and snorkelling at Whitireia Park to discover its rich biodiversity, students have become inspired to become kaitiaki (guardians) to look after the harbour.


Students from Glenview School who participated in the Healthy Harbours programme term one of 2017.

Stormwater drains are where water flows to on rainy days from streets, rooves, driveways, parking lots and other impermeable serfaces. This water is not treated and is discharged directly into our streams, rivers and harbours. Anything carried into the drain by rain water will eventually make its way out into the harbour.

Local roadside stormwater drain in Cannons creek.

Students from Glenview School excited to begin their journey as Kaitiaki to monitor the stormwater pollution.

This term students are getting their hands dirty to investigate what pollution is heading down their local stormwater drains. The team at Stormwater360 (Auckland based company), have helped us out by installing a LittaTrap into a local drain within the Cannons Creek area. A LittaTrap is a basket installed into drains that is designed to capture rubbish and other solid pollutants before they reach our waterways.

Students will be monitoring every second week what pollutants are ending up in the drain. The trap is removed from the drain, contents emptied into a bucket and then carried back to class. Their task will then be to sort the rubbish into different categories before recording what they have found. Students are expecting to find lots of rubbish including cigarette butts and food wrappers.

Rubbish caught by the trap emptied into a bucket and taken back to class for analysing.

Once they have finished this monitoring, the data collected will be used to educate their local community about the effects of stormwater pollution. They hope to be able to change local behaviours and reduce pollution heading into their drains and out into Porirua Harbour.

To keep up with Glenview Schools stormwater pollution monitoring, visit our facebook page: Healthy Harbours Porirua.