Kaitiaki of Te Awarua o Porirua

Each year students from around Te Awarua o Porirua Harbour come together to share their kaitiaki action projects and stories.

A small group of students who have shown exceptional leadership and commitment to their environment are then taken on our annual two-day experience to celebrate the students’ efforts and show them what is possible in their own backyard – further empowering them to take action for Te Awarua-o-Porirua Harbour catchment.

See what they got up to on the 2016 trip to Taputeranga Marine Reserve, Zelandia and the Island Bay Marine Education Centre.

The 2016 student representatives and their projects were

Jamima Shubart, and Maia LaPointe, from Titahi Bay North School.
Kahotea Stream restoration and freshwater monitoring.

Rikihana Love, and Hamiora Te Kani from Mana College.
Restoring the mauri of Mahinawa Stream.

Brayden Algar, and Azizah Isaako from St Theresa School.
Taupo Stream – Cape Pondweed eradication.


Picture: Azizah, Brayden, Rikihana, Hamiora, Jamima and Maia. This years young Kaitikai representatives from Porirua.