Koraunui School – BioBlitz 2017

Students from Koraunui School in Stokes Valley have been working hard this past year as kaitiaki for their catchment. Taking the lead on a range of different projects has led to Stokes Valley stream receiving some much needed love and care. Projects have involved multiple plants, night spotlighting to survey native fish populations, installation of mussel spat ropes to aid fish passage, and the construction of their very own nursery where students will be able to care for young seedlings for future plantings.

In November 2017, Koraunui School hosted a BioBlitz event with thanks to funding from the Unlocking Curious Minds Fund. Over 30 scientists and environmental educators participated, offering students from numerous other schools the opportunity to explore the amazing biodiversity of Stokes Valley. Over 90 different species were found and recorded throughout the day.

A highlight of the event was being able to participate in the night time spot lighting event. Armed with torches and an expert guide to lead the way, students were able to discover native banded kokopu (a type of whitebait), koura (freshwater crayfish), glow worms, many different species of moth, and weta.

Check out this cool video clip put together by student from Avalon Intermediate about their experience with the Whitebait Connection programme down at the stream during the BioBlitz.

For more information on Koraunui Schools projects as kaitiaki for their catchment, listen to Radio New Zealand’s piece on the BioBlitz, visit their school blog and the Curious Minds website in the links below;
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