Our experienced coordinators work across the greater Wellington region delivering Mountains to Sea education programmes – just add water! We create inspiring and hands-on experiences for students in their local environment and will support your classroom programme, manage equipment and all health and safety planning.

The programmes lead to a greater connection to nature and a meaningful understanding of conservation issues; fostering kaitiakitanga and action for the environment.

Schools can choose from our three programmes and also work with our support to initiate student-lead kaitiaki projects.

The Whitebait Connection

Freshwater: Whitebait Connection

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Experiencing Marine Reserves

Experiencing Marine Reserves

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Healthy Harbours

Healthy Harbours: Porirua & Wellington

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What to do if you would like to participate?

Send a booking enquiry form to us and we will organise a time to come meet with the school or classroom teacher to discuss the programme and funding availability.

What Teacher commitment is needed to ensure the success of the programmes?

To ensure the success of the programmes teachers need to:

  • Support students learning

    by providing a planned classroom programme to assist in their inquiry process (resources are provided to help with this).

  • Liaise with your coordinators

    to plan for all field trips and learning experiences.

  • Ensure there is adequate supervision

    utilising parental/community support for field and in-water activities.

  • Support the intentions

    of the programmes and provide students with opportunities to put their learning into action.

  • Follow-up

    the in-water experiences with an ACTION activity.


Funding may be available through our fantastic supporters. These funds are allocated to schools based upon availability, previous funding access, and other geographical or financial constraints. Please discuss this with your coordinator at your planning meeting.

Schools ineligible for funding can join our waiting list, or seek independent funding for the programme costs. Our coordinators can also offer advice about funding opportunities in your local community to help with programme participation and for action projects.

Whitebait Connection

Delivered across New Zealand this national programme is an in-depth exploration of local freshwater eco-systems. Students learn about catchments, human impacts, freshwater biodiversity and how to conduct science-based stream assessments. Once students have explored their local area, they put their new knowledge into action by completing a project of their choice. This programme is inquiry-based learning at its best. Learning outcomes and objectives can be tailored to meet the needs of your students.

Experiencing Marine Reserves

Available Term 1 and 4 only

EMR is a national programme exploring marine conservation and local marine reserves. Students learn about marine biodiversity, human impacts, and the importance of marine reserves for the conservation of our oceans. Students also experience their local marine environment first-hand through snorkel field trips, leading to a better understanding of marine conservation issues in their local area and fostering kaitiakitanga (guardianship).

Our EMR coordinators offer guidance, direction and coordination of classroom programmes and field trips to the ocean. We also provide snorkel equipment, instruction, resources and snorkel risk management.

Healthy Harbours

Available in Porirua and Wellington

This programme explores the link between land and sea through the waterways in the Porirua or Wellington catchments and contains elements of both our freshwater and marine programmes. Healthy harbours provides a more in-depth investigation into their meeting place – our harbours and estuaries.
Schools can also choose to complete the final part of the programme in Term 4 or 1, which includes a marine biodiversity and snorkel field trip.